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about us

Dotto meaning dot, a 'Shunya' or a 'Bindi' in our Indian context stands for the smallest embellishment on a woman’s forehead and also the metaphor that the universe that exists within it.

The Dot; circle has seen many manifestations in art, architecture and design over time, from the Oculus in the Pantheon, to Raza’s paintings and a lot of Ar.Charles Correa's work.

Dotto as a brand focuses on a seamless transition of such intangible ideas into functional products. Dotto is headed by Ar.Veeram Shah and Saloni Mehta, out of inquisitiveness and passion for material exploration and the need to find richer processes to approach design.

what we do

In a market driven by "trends", our focus is to add more stories to the products we make. With an overdose of ideas and processes driven by social media and the internet we seek to find a more refined way of looking at design in general. There is an interrelation of different art forms that we are trying to decipher and convert to a singularity- "functional design".

Literature, art, architecture, cinema these are the essentials that we look up to when we design. This gives a certain context, a depth of ideas to the products that we want to deliver. The aim is to bring more art into lifestyle products.

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